Some changes in the main floor bedroom

After some very careful measuring and planning during our last visit, with some excitement we worked out that it would be possible to fit a King bed into the bedroom on the main floor!

And so, we emptied out the room, finding new homes for the sweet old pine cone side tables and an old chest of drawers. The new mattress arrived – a Sealy Posturepedic Crystal City 11.5″ Pillow Top, followed by new bed linen, a lovely white washed wooden slatted bed frame, matching side tables and chest of drawers for the wardrobe. Suddenly the room seemed much more open and light and somehow bigger even despite the much larger bed. The bedroom TV was relocated and mounted on a corner wall (a big thank you to Peter from The Sound Room in Frisco) and a new pine bench and cute bedside lamps purchased from Breck Bears in Breckenridge (a great place to find locally produced quirky mountain decor).

The next part of the plan for this room is to open it up with a double sliding door to the deck. In addition to giving access to the deck in summer, we think this will create an even greater sense of space, bring in lots of light and make so much more of the lovely view to the surrounding pines year around.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the changes so far!


Before ... as purchased in 2012

Before … as purchased in 2012

Interim fix up January 2013

Interim fix up January 2013



The local red foxes at the cabin

Every afternoon, between 4.00pm and 6.00pm, one or two of several local foxes appear from up the hill, make their way across the road and walk on down our driveway right up to the front door. Sometimes he or she will even walk up and across the front steps in the lookout for food.

They are beautiful creatures and it is tempting to feed them. Although well intended, this can be harmful to the animals and in fact, feeding of the red fox is illegal in many parts of Colorado.

They are quite tame and not harmful … definitely not to be feared … but it is important to avoid contact with a red fox as they can carry a number of diseases.

It never ceases to amaze us just how gorgeous they are, with their stunning color, elegant face and wonderfully bushy tail … so very photogenic!


Daily visits from one of several local foxes

Daily visits from one of several local foxes



The new fire pit and landscaping

During our stay in late August last year, we met with the wonderfully energetic Drew Goldsmith of Thetford Landscaping.  With his expert knowledge and great ideas he was able to channel our thoughts and wishes into an exciting plan to improve the landscape of the back yard and make it a much more usable space, both in winter and summer.

Works began in September and the Thetford Landscaping team were able to get the landscaping and planting in place just in time before the early snow that started in October.

It feels as if it has not stopped snowing since  — 14 feet and counting this season already!

We can’t wait for summer to  see the full extent of the landscape.  In the meantime, here are some photos  ..



January 2014 — welcome to our snow cave in progress!


… still more snow


The serious business of roasting marshmallows to perfection




New spruce, aspens and swing set disappearing in the snow


Holiday lights on another new spruce

lumsden site plan color

Living room transformation

We had a lot of fun on our last visit … the main project was a total overhaul of the living room.  Over 4 feet of snow fell during our time at the cabin in January but the deliveries continued through it all … thank you local Fedex and UPS guys and West Elm delivery!

After finding a good home for the old bear sectional sofa, we were very happy to take delivery of two new comfortable sofas, a “chair and a half” and a large ottoman.  Together with a new deep wool rug on the floor, cosy curtains, log side tables, lots of squishy cushions, poufs, faux sheepskins and various throws … the living room has become a very different place indeed.

Other changes include a new AV receiver and surround sound system, as well as table lamps and dimmable spotlights to make for an altogether softer, warmer and more relaxing environment.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Before ... as purchased in 2012

Before … as purchased in 2012

Interim fix up January 2013

Interim fix up January 2013

Breckenridge ski cabin cosy living room


See more images of the new living room here