The local red foxes at the cabin

Every afternoon, between 4.00pm and 6.00pm, one or two of several local foxes appear from up the hill, make their way across the road and walk on down our driveway right up to the front door. Sometimes he or she will even walk up and across the front steps in the lookout for food.

They are beautiful creatures and it is tempting to feed them. Although well intended, this can be harmful to the animals and in fact, feeding of the red fox is illegal in many parts of Colorado.

They are quite tame and not harmful … definitely not to be feared … but it is important to avoid contact with a red fox as they can carry a number of diseases.

It never ceases to amaze us just how gorgeous they are, with their stunning color, elegant face and wonderfully bushy tail … so very photogenic!


Daily visits from one of several local foxes

Daily visits from one of several local foxes