The new fire pit and landscaping

During our stay in late August last year, we met with the wonderfully energetic Drew Goldsmith of Thetford Landscaping.  With his expert knowledge and great ideas he was able to channel our thoughts and wishes into an exciting plan to improve the landscape of the back yard and make it a much more usable space, both in winter and summer.

Works began in September and the Thetford Landscaping team were able to get the landscaping and planting in place just in time before the early snow that started in October.

It feels as if it has not stopped snowing since  — 14 feet and counting this season already!

We can’t wait for summer to  see the full extent of the landscape.  In the meantime, here are some photos  ..



January 2014 — welcome to our snow cave in progress!


… still more snow


The serious business of roasting marshmallows to perfection




New spruce, aspens and swing set disappearing in the snow


Holiday lights on another new spruce

lumsden site plan color